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worse. >> state transportation officials say it used to be everybody left on the wednesday before thanksgiving. now it is a mess tonight. it wasn't moving ok earlier. >> the slowest trip is i-95. >> it looks like this for the better part of 40 miles. did and get much better to the north. into continues northbound montgomery county. >> it was a disaster in both directions. >> rush-hour plus rain was a bad ombination tonight. it may be as bad or worse tomorrow. there was even bumper to bumper traffic waiting to use this gas station. he has another method. the maryland state highway administration says the weather wrench into real things. it has led people to change travel lands. the rain is really coming down best now. they say the thing to do tomorrow is to watch the forecast. david is stowing a little bit she can guarantee the roads are going to be terrible. it may be worth waiting, even if it's a long time. it could make travel a lot smoother. >> so much for the roads. how about if you are not driving ? if you are planning on flying. jay, how are things shaping up there? >> it is
us from fairfax did tell the story. the family of joseph chatman said they were so enraged by the response of the everly funeral home that they literally called local police. officers told them mixing up bodies is not a crime. abc 7mmediately called news hoping for one thing. this should never happen. >> it feels like he is walking into a nightmare because inside the funeral home, he is supposed to be viewing his 80-year-old father. when they approached the coffin, they knew the man inside the coffin was not their father. >> no way, there couldn't be this much change. it was a picture on my phone that we put up next to him. >> he summoned the funeral home staff members. >> they dismissed us. >> joseph chatman had a twin brother. directorm the funeral -- >> 15 minutes later, they i am frustrated and angry. >> they discovered the uniform. chapman was an army colonel. they dressed the wrong man in the uniform it took him 28 years to earn. >> degradation beyond words. >> the funeral home refused to answer our questions. >> i just ask that you step outside the property. his dad
of the frenzy throughout the day. tom joins us lye from wood bridge. what's the scene like there? >> if i was standing here a year ago today at this same moment this place would be empty except for a few employs getting ready. to night they opened earlier than ever before, at 8:00 tonight and the crowds responded. there are a lot of people who ate a turkey dinner and then came straight to the mall. >> 6:00 thanksgiving night is the earliest best buy has ever opened. a lot of people, some of whom slept outside the store in tents last night streamed in. >> meanwhile to the south crowds gathered outside a much bigger place also getting set to open earlier than ever. for the past half decade they've opened at midnight. tonight they open the doors at 8:00 and a whole lot of people streamed in. >> i couldn't believe how many people were out here. >> deborah and her relatives made the trip a holiday tradition. >> we come here every thanksgiving and we don't even shop. we just come for the experience. >> nuts. >> he admits if not for his girlfriend he would not be out in this. >> she's the reason
weekend long. stay up-to-date on wjla.com and you can also like us on facebook. baby isee week old taken away from its mother after a neighbor finds that baby inside a diaper bag. it is a troubling story. neighbors tell us she is a good mother and is a victim herself. that neighbor who locked herself inside the rental office knows the mother of the infant since they were in high school. what happened here is not about abandonment. it is depression wrought on by domestic abuse -- brought on by domestic abuse. >> i think she snapped. she cannot conceal the terror sheaf -- the terror she felt this morning. >> she is holding a baby. >> it was not her baby. >> she started crying. >> she is referring to her downstairs neighbor. stumbling down the stairs with a diaper bag. >> where is the baby? the baby was in the bag. , it was herthe mom friend and neighbor of more than 10 years, but she hardly recognized her this morning. the rental office was the closest refuge. i did not know what else to do, so i took the baby and ran. she has been victimized herself for years. police have been out here se
a shooting in the 100 block of 34th street. officers tell us the victim was not responsive when they arrived on the scene. his injuries are considered life-threatening. we will bring you updates as soon as they are available. >> the contractor is arrested, accused of stealing copper wire. the investigation revealed evidence that he removed copper wire on several occasions between june and november. police tell us he sold it for cash. the exact value is not known, but the lease to leave it exceeds $10,000. we are about to get our first taste of real winter this weekend. doug has a first look at our forecast. >> it is shaping up as being the coldest afternoon in the month of november we have had in five years. right now 46 outside the weather center, 48. areasorrow morning most remain in the 40's. we haven't dropped much. cloud cover and a southwesterly wind all contribute to these temperatures. here is what we are watching as we head to the weekend. rain chances coming our way tomorrow ahead of the cold front . we will let you know how cold it will be and how long this remains coming up in a
are use to dealing with cold in the d c area, but some people are surprised that we received this blast this early. tom roussey continues live team coverage from the lincoln memorial. down, butds are dying it is still awfully cold especially for this time of year. 21 degrees below average. normally, you will see folks hanging out with the steps there. there is no one there. this cold is keeping a lot of people away. many did find things to do outside tonight. >> ironically, one of the best ways to stay warm tonight was to get on the ice. if you continue to skate around, you feel less cold. it affected cold, the zamboni at the pentagon city outdoor rink. harry tran spent about 12 hours, , getting itutside to work right. >> trying to stay outside, make sure the machine is running. 10 degreess all most colder than the average high in mid-january which is the coldest time of year around here. in d c, it is not the cold. it is the windchill. today saw gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. that didn't stop people from going outside tonight. in some cases, in shorts. up,e jonathan blair grew tonig
stadium, folks, they're about to become 17-1 in the last 18 games here. so for some much us, it was a little bit surprising when they were a huge underdog at home. the win tonight makes them 17-1 in the last 18 games here in boone pickness stadium. and that was glidden, return man over there. this would give them a seven-game win streak after the loss. and mike gundy, he spent a year as an assistant coach at baylor in 1996. he was an assistant there. and one thing about the baylor program, when you look around waco, within four hours, there are 100-150 division i prospects every year. i'm not surprised they have turned this around. second down and six. childs the ball carry as the clock ticks away. did they turn it over? was there a strip down there? baylor thinks they got the football. but i think it's being marked down. and there is the young man who is certainly down. >> kirk: yeah, that's the freshman, childs. >> brent: we have to think about oklahoma state and where they will climb. they were tenth in the bcs rankings. >> kirk: without a doubt. >> brent: you have oregon
run websites and on the streets there were those who told us they're willing to wait it out. could take as much as two or three more years. i am fine with that. whatere are jitters about will happen when that fixes must be complete. up,- if 200,000 try to sign there would be website crashes. is joiningrict the push.ates in the president had asked the plans be extended for one year. the department of insurance is more than 21,000 district residents will have to buy new policies. >> police arrest a man accused of looking into apartment bedrooms and windows. arrestedounty police joseph garrett, junior. a witness tells police they saw garrett hiding by an air- conditioning unit and looking into apartments. officers say they found drugs on him. he is charged with being a peeping tom and drug possession. >> the longtime headquarters of "the washington post" is sold for 150 nine dollars. graham holdings company come the former parent company, announced a deal today. it is expected to close at the end of march. the will lease space in building until 2015. the newspaper's new owner, jeff be
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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